8. Feel Funny! Funny and cheeky often run really well on an application like OkCupid.

8. Feel Funny! Funny and cheeky often run really well on an application like OkCupid.

Eg, you could test something similar to this:

We paired! Does this indicate we’re a couple of now?

9. Start Out With a tale

And being funny, you could in fact focus on one of the preferred humor. Entertaining jokes work most effectively on an app like OkCupid, such as for example “Knock bump” jokes because they generate interest. Each other needs to response to see the punchline!

10. Become a Tease

Here’s the reason:

Hey, I was likely to start with a very dramatic, existential concern, but then I realized that would be fat for a dating internet site! Thus, heya!

I’ve tried this range from time to time, and a lot of occasions your ex will respond with, “Ha! Today I Do Want To know very well what you were probably write!”

it is only an easy way to elicit interest on the component.

11. Truth or Dare

Reality or Dare can be a really flirtatious video game when you get they appropriate. Just be sure your questions aren’t overweight or as well exclusive. Keep it enjoyable!

12. Feel slightly Freaky

I need to acknowledge this any won’t always work. However if you realize you’re a bit unusual and desire to celebrate your own weirdness with an equally strange individual, there’s absolutely no reason precisely why you can’t sample one thing quite freak and leftover area now and then. Like this:

Easily had been a marshmallow, what would you do in my opinion?

Pro tip: OkCupid is full of open-minded people that see checking out her sex. So some freakiness will often function.

13. Praise One (But Getting First)

I remember the first occasion *I* have complimented in the 1st message on OkCupid. Instead of the typical, “you’re therefore hot” range that literally becomes no-one everywhere (but makes them look quite foolish), a female stated this for me:

How do you get your locks to quiff such as that?! Tips please, it’s remarkable!

This is a powerful way to pay someone a go with within starting content without lookin cliched or distressing.