The Laws of Ethics for Professional Teachers Expression

The Laws of Ethics for Professional Teachers Expression

Mrs. Jenny San Jose is a new teacher in Malaban state twelfth grade. The school try booked to carry its Reading Camp on a Saturday. In accordance with this activity, Mrs. Josie Rivera, the college main, informed the professors to wait that assist the organizers to enable the function.

Mrs. San Jose who’s signed up for a grasp’s degree plan informed the key that she couldn’t enable it to be for she has to attend her Saturday course.

Circumstances 4

Mrs. Anna Lee A. Amores will not wish the woman student named Joel becoming the best respect awardee but she prefers Leonard, another scholar to have the identification. In order to make certain that Leonard will get the greatest honor prize, she offered Joel reduced levels in recitation as well as in overall performance activities. Is-it directly to promote Joel lowest grades simply to making Leonard the awardee?

Situation 5

Mr. Mario B. Reyes was training for the past fifteen years. Everytime their principal would inquire him to go to tuition, he would always decline and would ask another teacher to attend the mentioned classes. So is this appropriate?


Now that you are carried out reading and evaluating the different terms and content specified into the Code of Ethics for pro instructors, you will be required to generally share your own ideas concentrating on the training which you attained from this treatment at once, additional information which you thought are necessary to realize regarding the signal of Ethics.