Really does RED VELVET Irene posses a boyfriend or girlfriend?

Really does RED VELVET Irene posses a boyfriend or girlfriend?

We’ll place the possible years these rumored-to-be “people” could’ve been online dating. Bear In Mind! Mentioned are RUMORS, definition they might or could NOT become real. Thus cannot just take this article really.

1. Minho: “skip A” Suzy (apparently dated during “lucifer” days), “SNSD” Yuri (2010?), hair stylist Noona(2016), “f(X)” Krystal, “red velvet” Irene

2. Jonghyun: “babes time” Yura, Lee Yubi (End of 2013- very early 2014. Are verified by SM as bogus), Shin Se Kyung (C) (2010-2011)

3. essential: “Kara” Nicole, Hyeongseop (your and key took some pictures collectively and hung completely loads so many people comprise questionable of those internet dating. They allegedly stayed in a hotel together. Particularly when there clearly was a rumor on offer that a gay idol pair could well be uncovered, Hyeongseop all of a sudden deleted all of their pictures together. Afterwards he unfollowed secret and Woohyun(points BFF) on social media) (a?¤i??) (2012-2013), Non-celebrity sweetheart (follower states which he hired a residence near their and constantly visits that quarters frequently. 2014)

4. Taemin: the guy stated during WGM that he has dated a woman in sixth level (C), “f(X)” Krystal (late 2012), Netizens say they spot your a couple of times online dating non-celebrity girls, he is uncomfortable with Naeun off-camera so they rarely talk to each other