My ex ended up being so huge i am afraid its wrecked me personally proper otherwise!

My ex ended up being so huge i am afraid its wrecked me personally proper otherwise!

You will find not too long ago come out of a-two year long commitment and I am today fresh in the single scene.

What I’m concerned about is the intercourse. My personal boyfriend and that I were EXTREMELY sexual although we happened to be collectively, and he had been very, massive. Actually, they grabbed you some time for all of us having intercourse because although I was perhaps not a virgin once we began internet dating, he was very big it once was agony personally.

Im stressed that because I’m very much accustomed to my personal ex getting thus HUGE, i’ll never be satisfied with more guys that modest! Although we perhaps not slept collectively, i’ve been watching another man and I see for an undeniable fact that he could be a lot smaller compared to my personal ex. There’s been a few times once I might have had sex with him, and wanted to, but I believe like I will hardly be able to feeling him inside me, and I also feel like he can believe i am unpleasant or a slut because i am therefore free from my ex.

Whenever I got with my ex they never ever bothered myself because we had been so personal that people had been never uncomfortable of something facing one another, but In my opinion I’d die if it took place when I was with this particular brand new chap, or during a one-night-stand.

My personal ex and I also met up when we happened to be both pretty younger and inexperienced, nevertheless at school, so I have never really accomplished the entire dating-courting thing and have always been very unskilled, although i have currently had gotten a few dudes hot on my pumps

I feel like my body is destroyed.